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The Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards


It is our fifth year of chaos and we are delighted to announce the winners of the 2022 Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards!


The Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards has been running since 2018. Created by a group of enthusiastic and dedicated science fiction, fantasy, horror, and speculative fiction readers, it celebrates the best in genre fiction every year, while acknowledging the subjectivity of our choices. Any traditionally published work may be nominated, but the Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards aim to look beyond bestsellers and major publishers to champion titles written by marginalised authors and/or published by independent presses.

A core group is joined by guest jurors for a two-stage examination of what traditional publishers (including small, independent and international presses) have offered during the previous year. Awards are regularly offered across the following categories: novellas, scifi novels, fantasy novels, novels which blur genre boundaries, and complete series. Additional categories may be awarded based on jurors’ interest in a specific year, including debut, short fiction, and graphic novel.

While our main goal is to have fun, the Subjective Chaos Kind of Awards (or SCKA for short) beats the drum for great fiction that might otherwise have passed readers by. It has been acknowledged as a significant award for stories outside the mainstream and as a lair for dangerously chaotic opinions.


The awards are given for work traditionally published or translated by major or independent publishers or small presses in the prior calendar year. Some re-published works may be accepted according to the rules during a given year (because yes, the rules are open to change based on a majority vote of the year’s panellists. The word “Chaos” is in the name for a good reason!)

The genres considered are science fiction, fantasy, horror, and any sub-genre in between.

  • The Short Fiction category is for works under 17,500 words.
  • The Novella category is for works over 17,500 words and under 40,000 words.
  • The Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Blurred Boundaries categories are open to any works over 17,500 words.
  • The Series category is limited to works of fiction published in at least two parts where there is a continued storyline that can be reasonably considered complete; it is open to series of novellas as well as series of novels. Stand-alone works in a shared universe and incomplete series will not be considered.

Eligibility criteria will be checked against the catalogue on and available publisher information prior to nominations being confirmed. Any objections raised by authors after nomination will be taken into account. We reserve the right to withdraw any nominee or rescind any award at any stage by majority vote.

Jurors first draw up shortlists of works they choose to nominate. Each juror may nominate and read in one or more categories. At the end of the first round of reading, jurors vote to select finalists in categories they have read; jurors may then read additional categories in a second round of reading prior to a final vote to determine the winners.

Although all debates are held privately, you can read the jurors’ personal thoughts on works under consideration on our blogs or by following us on social media. There is no official hashtag, but you may wish to follow both #SCKA and #SubjectiveChaos.

Winners are awarded our coveted trophy, a hand-painted pebble.

If you have questions or concerns regarding eligibility, or if you are a nominated author and want to tell us of a change in your name or pronouns or to flag a concern about your nomination, please contact us.