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R B Lemberg, The Unbalancing (Tachyon Publications)

Simon Jimenez, The Spear Cuts Through Water (Del Rey)

Sara A Mueller, The Bone Orchard (Tor Books)

Ayọ̀délé Ọlọ́fintúàdé, Swallow (Masobe Books)

Nicola Griffith, Spear (

Sunyi Dean, The Book Eaters (HarperVoyager)

T. Kingfisher, Nettle and Bone (Titan Books)



Ciel Pierlot, Bluebird (Angry Robot)

Tochi Onyebuchi, Goliath (

EJ Swift, The Coral Bones (Unsung Stories)

Adrian Tchaikovsky, Eyes of the Void (Orbit Books)

Charlie Jane Anders, Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak (Titan Books)

Ray Nayler, The Mountain In The Sea (MCD Books)

BLURRED boundaries


Okwiri Oduor, Things They Lost (Simon & Schuster)

Eugen Bacon, Mage of Fools (Meerkat Press)

J M Miro, Ordinary Monsters (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Neon Yang, The Genesis of Misery (Tor Books)

Lorraine Wilson, The Way The Light Bends (Luna Press)

Jo Harkin, Tell Me An Ending (Penguin Books)



Stewart Hotston, The Entropy Of Loss (NewCon Press)

Rhiannon A Grist, The Queen Of The High Fields (Luna Press)

Sam A Miller, Kid Wolf And Kraken Boy (Solaris Books)

Naseem Jamnia, The Bruising Of Qilwa (Tachyon Publications)

Gigi Ganguly, One Arm Shorter Than The Other (Atthis Books)

Paul Cornell, Rosebud (

Emily Bergslien & Kat Weaver, Uncommon Charm (Neon Hemlock)



Iori Kusano, can i offer you a nice egg in this trying time (Uncanny Magazine)

Susan Rukeyser, The Two-Faced Miracle of Justice Father Win (Podomatic)

Tobi Ogundiran, The Lady Of The Yellow-Painted Library (in Africa Risen,

Leora Spitzer, This Excessive Use Of Pickled Food (Khoreo)

Carlos Hernandez, I Will Have This Diamond for a Heart (Uncanny Magazine)


Adri (@adrijjy) is co-editor of the Hugo Award winning fanzine Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together, and a semi-aquatic mammal currently living in the UK. She divides her time between reading, interacting with dogs, and working in international development. She can also be found at Strange Horizons.

C. ( fell into scifi and fantasy at 13 and has never recovered since. They can be found blogging about diverse books, novellas and small press publications at

Imyril (@imyril) reviews SFF at There’s Always Room For One More and is the resident spreadsheet dragon for Wyrd and Wonder, SciFiMonth and Subjective Chaos (yes, even chaos benefits from a little organisation, shh).

Gautam Bhatia (@gautambhatia88) is an Indian SF writer, editor, and reviewer. He is the author of The Wall and The Horizon, and reviews and edits for Strange Horizons magazine.

Kris Vyas-Myall (@hammard_1987) is the co-founder of Cloaked Creators and someone who reads way too much fiction and likes anything bizarre, the weirder the better. They blog around the internet at various places including Galactic Journey and Geek Syndicate.

L.A. Young (a.k.a. Aquavenatus, Misty306) is a book reviewer for both her personal blog and Fantasy-Faction. In addition to reading, you can find her gaming, running, cooking, gardening and writing (check out her other published works online!). You can follow her on any of her many social media pages:

Matt aka @RunalongWomble is a book tempter – ahem, blogger – at Runalongtheshelves. The sweet voice on your shoulder telling you that it’s ok to get a new book. They are not a Moriarty, honest.

Robin Rose Graves (@spicymisorobin) is a science fiction writer who will never pass up the opportunity to talk about what she is reading. To appease this need to review and analyze everything she reads, Robin has founded her BookTube channel, The Book Wormhole.

Roseanna (@chloroform_tea) has been having opinions about books for about as long as she’s been reading, and yelling them into the void since 2012. She blogs at A Reader of Else and contributes to Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together, but can also occasionally be found chasing a rugby ball around in the mud, morris dancing, or pandering to her cat’s every whim.

Sara is one half of Fiction Fans Podcast (@fictionfanspod), a weekly (mostly) SFF podcast which she has cohosted since its inception in 2021. When she’s not reading on the couch with her pugs, she can be found weeding in the garden.

Sun (@suncani1) is a SFF reader who can be found getting overly excited about a bunch of things on Twitter/Mastodon and occasionally pausing to pass longer comment at Wormholes and Wooden Doors.